Speech from Outgoing President of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Student Society (Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student Chapter)

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Wei Ling’s Speech (22nd May 2009)

It has been my honor to be able to serve in this society to help students to discover more about the logistics industry. Today I would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone my learning experience & thanks all the people who have contributed in one way or another.

Perhaps like all of you, when I first enter into Logistics Management I am clueless what is this course all about and do not have much interest in it till I joined the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Student Society. Through the society I was drawn closer to the industry and I got a overview of what logistics is all about and it helped me to linked & apply what the lecturers taught in class (that is when I start to like what I am studying). I also got the opportunities to meet professionals, have a glimpse of the technologies and familiar myself with the different logistics companies – from forwarders, to software support vendors, to warehousing & supply chain.

Well you may be thinking, you have heard all these from your seniors who tried to “physco” you to join the society. now I will share a few examples with you..

Last year I attended the supply chain Asia forum, through the forum I realize how unequipped I was when I saw students from the other polys. They came prepared with name cards and were networking with CEOS and practitioners freely. They were competing how many name card they have exchanged. But we students from NP were sitting around feeling lost. It is through these sessions that i get to see what other logistics students are doing to prepare themselves for their future, they may be the ones that we will be competing with for a place in the uni or a job post.

The knowledge that the society have equipped me with has aid me greatly during my attachment. It was the experiences and knowledge gain through the site visits and forums that I am able to converse with my boss, give suggestions and of course understand what they are talking about. ‘

One last example…. beginning of this year, my grandma passed away, at the funeral I met the director of teck wah group, after knowing that I was studying logistics we started a conversation about the supply chain industry. If not for the platform given to me I will not be able to converse confidently & engage in an discussion with him. We have to be prepared at all times and leave good impressions; you will never know whom you will meet.

Before I end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my committee who have commit their time and effort in making the events successful. The project teams who has work very hard with the details, the publicity officer who has never fail to design beautiful poster to attract students attention, the secretary & treasure who has faithfully taking down minutes and records of the funds, vice president who has helped me greatly with the internal matters in schools, Mr Tan Lam Keong who has help us in photo shooting & printing. Lastly, our parent society and Mr. Daniel who has gave us support in many ways.

I just want to encourage everyone here to take part in the activities that the society will be organizing, i believe these will be the stepping stones that will help you in your future.

Thank you for your time, and I wish you all the best in your studies & career.


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