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Fenced off, outdoor storage and repair area.


A quick sailing vessel, used for pleasure

Yard cart

A form of trailer used to transport containers in a yard storage area.

Yard classification

An area in a railroad yard where freight trains are made up according to destinations

Yard control

The dispatching and control of trains or trucks in a yard area.

Yard engine

An engine assigned to yard service and used for work within yard limits only.

Yard hostler

A truck tractor of sorts that is used to move trailers around and within a terminal

Yard switching

Switching service performed by yard locomotives in yards where regular switching service is maintained, including terminal switching and transfer service in connection with the transportation of revenue freight and incidentally of company freight.


The charge made in addition to the transportation and other charges for shipping livestock to a stockyard located in various sections of the country.


The process of stopping in-transit to store, load, unload, sort, and otherwise handle forest products.


The one person who is in charge of the yard.


A vessel’s small boat moved by one oar. Synonym: a jolly-boat. A small sailboat rigged fore-and-aft, with a short mizzenmast astern of the cockpit; distinguished from ketch.


The name for the currency of Japan


The total revenue derived by a transportation vehicle, plane seat, etc, in a given period.

The ratio of usable output from a process to its input.

Yield Bucket

The remaining slot capacity for a trade/voyage in a certain port of loading after deduction of the allowance for specific contracts

Yield erosion

A term for the decline in profitability of sales. In the airline industry, a long-term period of increased competition would be said to result in yield erosion in terms of the revenue obtained for each seat sold on airplanes.

Yield Management

The process of maximising the contribution of every slot, vessel, trade and network. Basically it should be seen as the process of allocating the right type of capacity to the right kind of customer at the right price as to maximise revenue or yield. The

Yield point

That point in stress, which identifies the beginning of deformation.

Yield pricing

An airline and hotel industry practice of fine-turning prices based upon near real-time demand. In heavy demand periods, high prices are charged; in low periods, discount prices are offered.

York-Antwerp Rules

See General Average Act.


The name of the currency for South Korea and China.


Nationality symbol for Yugoslavia – to be shown on the rear of vehicles from that country.

Yard Management System (YMS)

A system which is designed to facilitate and organize the coming, going and staging of trucks and trucks with trailers in the parking “yard” that serves a warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility.

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