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A CCITT recommendation designed to facilitate international message and information exchange between subscribers of computer based store-and-forward services and office information systems in association with public and private data networks. Relevant to study of EDI.


International standard of the CCITT for packet switching. Relevant to study of EDI.


The CCITT now ITU recommendations (ISO9594) for the structure of directories for the maintenance of addresses used in electronic mail.

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

(Extensible Markup Language) is a flexible way to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the world wide web, intranets, and elsewhere.


High frequency electromagnetic ray of short wave-length, capable of penetrating most solid substances.


The ANSI standard for inter-industry electronic interchange of business transactions.


Another term for cross docking which is the practice of expediting the flow of product in a DC from receiving to shipping with a minimum of handling in between.


Word which describes the attitude of certain people who dislike all things ‘foreign’ including foreign food, foreign customs and foreign people – and, for many British people, especially anything to do with the EU.

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