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The author has used many sources to cross-check entries both to avoid glaring ommissions and to validate the definitions against accepted standards. Many of the terms, abbreviations and acronyms in this dictionary have been culled from textbooks, trade journals, newspapers, websites and both official and commercial publications too numerous to identify and acknowledge individually.

The following text were examined in the quest to find as many relevant terms as possible for inclusion in this dictionary:

Rail Cargo Austria
Bridge Field Group
Dictionary of Transport and Logistics, Kogan, 2002
Supply Chain & Transportation Dictionary 4 Edition
EyeforTransport Glossary
HK Sun Logistics Glossary
Inventory Ops Dictionary
The Transportation Institute – Maritime Glossary
Bridgefield Group ERP/Supply chain Glossary
World Cargo Alliance Guide to Acronyms
Movers’ Directory – Moving Services Dictionary
Inbound Logistics Glossary
Forbes Logistics Glossary
Management Dynamics – Glossary of Terms
Sabri Logistics – Glossary of Shipping Terms
12 Manage – Business Dictionary | Management Dictionary
Logisuite – Glossary
Trans Freight Lean Logistics Terms
Bridgefield Group ERP/Supply chain Glossary

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