Negotiate 2012

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Negotiate 2012

JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overcoming complex negotiation situations by determining interest, processes and relationships that are likely to lead to a fruitful, sustainable agreement

This 3-day course will guide delegates to prepare for and engage in negotiations using techniques and tactics that have been proven to maximise the probability of success. This is a highly interactive course specially designed to equip all industry professionals with effective negotiation strategies and influence tactics for every business situation – from regular work environment to complex deal negotiations involving cultural differences, coalitions and ethical challenges. Not only will you master the principles by which the most successful negotiators operate, you will also have four opportunities to practice those principles and receive feedback on your technique as it develops.

Internationally experienced course leader, will address with you the issues of Negotiating, building your understanding and your level of practical skills, so that you can start improving bottom line and improving business relationships as soon as you leave the programme. Delegates will gain value by applying the concept and knowledge into their day-to-day life while utilising practical exercises such as simulated negotiations, group discussions, exercises and feedback sharing.

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27th – 29th November 2012


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