The benefits to LSCMS Members include:

  • Workshops, seminars and symposiums
    LSCMS offers its members workshops, seminars and numerous other opportunities for learning and exchange of ideas. More information on these activities is available at our Blog Page.
  • Professional and social activities in capital cities
    In addition to the workshops, LSCMS coordinates site visits with members, as well as social events in all capital cities.
  • Educational programs conducted regionally
    LSCMS continually seeks and sponsors schools and courses with the aim of providing a guide of recommended courses for the logistics professional.
  • Consulting and networking opportunities though a regional network of member organisations and individuals.
    LSCMS is designed to be an extensive network of people that are able to refer, recommend and encourage its fellow members. The team at LSCMS seek opportunities and use their members as a resource for logistics-related requirements from all industries.


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