Since our inception in the late 90’s The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society emphasises a commitment to ongoing education and encourages performance consistent with a generally agreed body of knowledge or standards. As the regional body for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals, we continue to work with partners to improve skillsets in individuals that allow the development of faster, more flexible and ecologically sound Logistics solutions.

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society is unique to the industry here in Asia. Our focus has always been to provide practical and skills-based training for Logisticians in the region and is a platform where we work with students, researchers and professionals to not only increase the knowledge base but also design and conceive innovative Supply Chain solutions.


The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society believes that it is only through strong collaboration with industry, academia and government that we can hope to achieve the objectives of our stakeholders. We continue to pursue regional and global partnerships with organisations that will result in the exchange of modern practical knowledge and academic research.

Training and Academic Programmes

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society does not base its training entirely on the academic aspect. We engage proven professionals who work in industry and have an impressive Advisory Board of seasoned professionals to guide us.

We believe our training programs, and the programs we recommend, are designed with a focus on practical outcomes to ensure its relevancy to the market place as they are designed and created by industry professionals with the experience and training necessary to achieve this.

The following is a summary of the education programmes currently endorsed by the LSCMS.

Students – don’t forget to check out some logistics and study resources we’ve included for your benefit on this website.


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