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August 24, 2008

Which way is the market heading?

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Thankfully we have seen fuel prices dropping these last few weeks but many market analysts and industry players say that this is merely a temporary trend and that we will see fuel prices heading north in the near future.

Coupled to this gloomy perspective, many carriers are either ditching older, non fuel efficient aircraft or laying off employees.

Where do you think the market is headed and what are the steps you think we need to take to head off this crisis ?


August 6, 2008


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I was sent an email yesterday from a student in Europe who wanted to know what ‘our ‘definition of LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT was.

Traditionally, LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT is seen as the planning , implementation and control of our Logistics processes for the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customers’ requirements.

When this practice is extended beyond the organisation to the macro level, it includes the integration of the Logistics processes or pipelines of suppliers and customers thus forming a ‘chain’ from the point of origin to consumption.

An extension of the definition of the Supply Chain is that we are not really just a chain or a series of events but rather we are a web of inter-related organisations made up of numerous suppliers, customers and even competitors that form a “Dynamic Value Network”.

This makes absolute sense but also raises the bar somewhat.

From my post yesterday about how difficult it is to truly collaborate with our 3PL, just imagine trying to achieve through collaboration that is both efficient and effective with a network of organisations with differing objectives and cultures.

I am reminded of a picture of a confused orang utan, a friend used to have hanging in his office with a caption that said – Just as I figured out all the answers, they went and changed all the questions.

Raymon Krishnan


August 5, 2008

Can We Really Collaborate?

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Logistics providers, academia and practitioners are all familiar with the theory of Collaboration. The ideal is that manufacturers, retailers and others are most likely to achieve maximum supply chain efficiency, particularly where global operations are involved, if they work closely together. This includes choosing one 3PL as a lead logistics provider (LLP) .

Whilst this theory is generally acceptable, there are those of us who remain dubious about developing a relationship with just one 3PL. Aside from over dependency, there is the concern that a proposed solution from the LLP could perhaps not be the ‘best’ solution. The 3PL, would most certainly (as they would be expected) be acting in their own self interest. Additionally the solution would be based on their perspective of our supply chain or what they perceive the supply chain to be.

What do you think? Raymon

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